Virtual Medical Receptionist

Say goodbye to voicemails and robots, and hello to
premium patient care! Our live virtual receptionists
work around-the-clock to ensure your patients are

virtual medical receptionist

How it works

  • WELLReceived offers flexible and customizable scripts for each business for almost any call scenario.
  • Our medical receptionists go through extensive training for HIPAA compliance and understand basic medical terminology.
  • To ensure security, all messages are encrypted and require secure login credentials for viewing.

Whether you're looking for a virtual receptionist to take messages or schedule appointments, WELLReceived's care coordinators are equipped to do it all!

medical office virtual receptionist

See What a Virtual Office Can Do for You

  • appointment iconMore than 50% of people prefer to book an appointment over the phone
  • voicemail icon In fact, 80% of callers hang up when they reach a voicemail because they believe no one will listen to it
  • missed phone call iconFor every missed phone call and missed voicemail, your practice loses an opportunity to support a patient.

A high call volume is great for your business, but a missed call can cost your practice a lot more than you think it can. We will help you capture every patient with the utmost professional and compassionate care.

We also offer bilingual services for practices with a Spanish speaking patient base.

Doctor with Stethoscope
Cost Efficient

An on-site medical
receptionist works a
40 hour work week at
an average of $13-14
an hour

Luckily our services are offered at a fraction
of the price and our HIPAA compliant virtual
receptionists can handle your calls anytime of
the day!

virtual medical reception

and reliable

Offer 24/7 Call answering, after-hours support, and easy appointment booking to your patients, with WELLReceived.

for life

Lifelong learning is a WELLReceived core value. Get inspired by these staff picks.

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