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Finding a care home that has the right facilities is important.Those contacting you for information and visits need to see you're responsive and knowledgeable. With an efficient receptionist service, your in-house team can focus on providing excellent care for residents, while we handle your calls.

Live, professional care coordinators work around your availability, so callers are never left waiting. We can route calls, take messages, schedule viewings of your premises and more - after hours, on weekends or around-the-clock.

Scheduling Visits

Booking a visit to your care home is simple as WELLReceived integrates with Setmore or your existing calendar system. Let our virtual care coordinators know your available viewing slots and we can arrange appointments accordingly. We can even notify you of new bookings in real-time, and set up follow-up calls for after visits.

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HIPAA Compliant

WELLReceived takes patient confidentiality seriously and enables you to elect out of email and text updates. Instead, your messages are available to view securely - from Anywhere - in the WELLReceived app.

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