Answering Services
For Hospitals

Your 24/7 Hospital
Call Center

Give your callers a trained, empathetic receptionist to handle their call, whether it's in the middle of the night or during peak business hours. Our team of virtual medical receptionists act just like your front-of-house staff. You set the criteria to have them take messages or transfer calls to members of your team.

Get your messages instantly via text, email, live relay, or through your app.

Hospital answering service
Hospital call center

Hospital Call Routing Service

Have your patient calls prioritized and escalated based on predetermined scenarios and schedules.

With easily customizable call scripts, WELLReceived's professional hospital answering service team is ready to handle every call with the care, compassion, and efficiency we're known for.

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Hospital call answering service

HIPAA Compliant

Patient confidentiality is a top priority at WELLReceived. Our HIPAA-trained team follows medical guidelines to ensure all sensitive information is protected. Instead of text or email, you can retrieve your encrypted messages from our password-protected mobile app.

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Answering service for hospitals
Answering service for hospitals

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