1-Click Video
for Telemedicine

When your patients need to connect face-to-face, online medical
consultations with video can be a great resource.

Video for telemedicine
Video for telemedicine consultations

Connect face-to-face

Just share a secure room link, no waiting times necessary. Patients will also appreciate that they don't need to travel to your office for their initial consultation. Even when you're on the road working outside the office, you're still available to your staff and patients.

See more patients from Anywhere with easy 1-click video calls, using Teleport.video.

How Video for Telemedicine Consultation works?

You can select whether you want our care coordinators to offer video appointments, in-person appointments, or both. When scheduling their video appointment, your patient will receive a 1-click video link to their email address.

At their appointment time, they simply click the link to connect with you. No need to install any software - they can meet with you in the browser.

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    Auto-generate a unique meeting room URL upon appointment booking

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    Share it with your patient

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    Click the link to begin

Video for telemedicine 24/7


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    Convenient for practitioners and patients

    Video consultations can save time and money, whether you visit your patients or vice versa. Patients often find video calls reassuring as they can speak with a specialist one-on-one, increasing engagement by eliminating the need for travel.

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    Reduce no-shows

    Many issues can impact a patient's ability to attend conventional appointments, including getting to your office, wait times and different health issues. However, when they can speak with you in the comfort of their own homes, or Anywhere they have internet access, patients are more likely to keep their slots.

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    Efficient recurring appointments

    When a patient needs to see you regularly for reviews or follow-ups, video appointments can be of great benefit. Reviewing patients over video calls frees both medical provider and patient from regular costly or impractical travel. This can be a relief for patients in care homes, the elderly and those who require care in rural areas.

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    Secure and builds trust

    Patients prefer face-to-face consultations with their medical provider, but this needn't be in person. A reliable and easy telemedicine video tool allows patients to connect with you, without losing a sense of personal care. WELLReceived partners with you to reassure your patients that communications are kept secure and confidential.

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    Fast access to advice

    If there is a cancellation or you have 10 minutes free, you can converse on a video call without having to rush to a specific location. Patients feel attended to when offered flexibility in how they can connect with you. And, practitioners save valuable time when 30-minute appointments can be turned into 15-minute calls.

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