Give your patients easily accessible, instant communication
directly from your website with ChatSupport.

Offer your clients a fast, friendly alternative to a phone call.

Combine the convenience of chat with the warmth and professionalism of WELLReceived 's medical answering service team, 24/7. Or have your own team answer chats.

Your clients can ask questions, schedule appointments, or gather information all without picking up a phone or leaving your website.

Live Medical Chat Support
Live Medical Chat Support 24/7

How ChatSupport Works?

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    Set up a chat widget in minutes

    Installing chat support on your website is simple-just copy and paste one line of code. Your chat widget works with any site, including WordPress, Joomla-powered sites, or even your Facebook page. Easily customize your chat widget to match your website logo and palette for a seamless experience.

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    We chat. You chat. We all chat

    Chats can go to your office team at no cost to you or to our friendly, live receptionists using your plan minutes. Taking your own chats is as simple as logging on from your dashboard. If it's after hours or you're unavailable, our team is happy to take over. Your chat transcripts will be accessible to you at any time.

Live Medical Chat Support Answering Service

Benefits of Live Chat Software

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    Clients love to chat

    In a survey of 2,000 people, 73% of customers reported higher satisfaction levels with live chat compared with email or phone calls. Chat offers all the benefits of talking with a live person in a streamlined form. Clients appreciate the instant gratification of fast response and the comfort of multi-channel communication. No phone calls or hold times required.

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    Expand your client list

    Chat support gives you a competitive edge. According to a study by Forrester, web visitors who use chat are 2.8 times more likely to become clients. When your clients are searching for a medical provider, they're going to go with who they can reach first. Impress web visitors by being easily available to answer any questions.

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    Be informed

    Turn your webchat into an analytics tool. Use Google Analytics to find out what pages your clients visit most, what questions they ask most often, and how they're reaching you. Use this information to fine-tune your website and intake process. Knowledge is power.

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    Bilingual services

    As with all WELLReceived services, our medical answering team is fluent in both English and Spanish. Your patients can request to connect with a Spanish speaker any time. Our bilingual team members are available around the clock to ensure every client is covered. Give your clients the best in customer service, with multi-language options.

Live Medical Chat

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