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Every WellReceived account comes with a free Business Line. But what is a Business Line, and how can it help your practice?

Read on for everything you need to know about this invaluable feature.

What is the Business Line?

The Business Line is a free business number assigned to your account. Businesses choose this feature as it allows them to keep their personal number private.

How does the Business Line work?

The Business Line functions as a mask for your own number. You can display your business number as your caller ID when you call patients from within the app. You can use the unique phone number to make outbound calls directly from the WellReceived app. 

You can also send and receive text messages from your allocated business number.

Smartphone showing business line feature in use on screen

What’s the benefit of the Business Line?

Have you ever used one phone number for personal and professional calls? If you have, then you know it’s a serious headache. You never know if you’re getting a call for your practice or you.

The Business Line allows you to keep your personal phone numbers private. It also means you know any calls on your Business Line are definitely for your practice. 

The Business Line is particularly helpful for a small healthcare practice or solo practitioner who may use their personal phone number for business. This way, they can keep their personal and professional calls separate.

That also means you’re protected from:

  • Online scammers
  • Telemarketers
  • Robocalls
  • Spammers

Perhaps most importantly, the Business Line doesn’t cost you extra. That’s because, unlike traditional network providers, we don’t charge you to use the Business Line. the number is also Toll-Free, meaning your clients won’t be charged for calls.

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How do you activate the Business Line?

To request a Business Line:

  1. Go to the WellReceived mobile or desktop app.
  2. Go to Calls
  3. Click Request access to trigger a request to your client account rep.
  4. Your Client Account Manager will contact you to confirm your required area code. 

Once verified, your CAM will assign the number to you and notify you. Next:

  1. Log out and log in to your app.
  2. On login, the app will prompt you to verify your password. Enter your mobile number.
  3. Submit the One Time Password.
  4. You’re ready to start making calls from your new business line.

Your new Business Line should be activated within 24 hours. From there, you can add the number to your website, social media pages and any other marketing materials visible to the public.

Screenshot showing Business Line activation process in WR app

*Additional Business Lines are available for $19.99 per month.


Want to get a Business Line for your practice?

If you’re an existing WellReceived client, click here to log in to the WellReceived app and activate your Business Line.

Not yet a WellReceived client? Click the button below to book your free consultation and enjoy a new level of control over your inbound calls.

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