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Have you wondered why medical answering services are becoming increasingly popular?

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It’s always rush hour at the medical office, and overflowing calls are a part of it. A survey revealed that hospitals see 139 million visits a year. Visits to the hospital are often preceded by phone calls. The day can become overwhelming for medical professionals trying to take calls and tend to patients. But unanswered calls can put patients at risk as they reach out for answers. You need a dedicated team to communicate with your patients. Doing so shows them you care. Medical answering solutions can help you connect with patients

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Patients need your attention

First response matters: Not only with healthcare answering service solution, but also with communication. When unwell patients call to give or receive information, it frustrates them to have no one pick up. Reaching voicemail causes stress for both callers and those who transcribe messages. Even if it is a minor skin condition that can wait, to hear a human say a kind ‘hello’, and fast, gives your medical facility an edge on the competition.

Why you need a medical answering service

Calls regarding health concerns need a real-time human response. With WellReceived, you won’t miss a single call. Patients hear a friendly voice and find the help they need, without ever having to reach voicemail or go on hold.

Trained Agents Can Handle Any Call

Nearly 75% of patients prefer to communicate through technology rather than in person. And phone calls are still the most common means of contact. Emergency calls remain a fundamental concern for healthcare professionals. A large portion of medical facility calls are anxious patients calling in with urgent questions. It’s crucial that your call handler is experienced or trained to take every call with empathy within emergency response answering service

WellReceived agents can handle emergency calls, questions, or calls from suppliers and other medical professionals. They are trained to remain composed under pressure and provide answers with empathy.

Agents Follow HIPAA Compliance

WellReceived adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. They protect your patients’ personal health information and understand the importance and safety of private data security. Above all, they know it’s ethical to offer a secure environment for your patients and you.

It doesn’t matter what type of information your patients provide. It’s all treated with 100% confidentiality.

Appointment Scheduling & Message Taking

Stay on track with your patients’ appointments with WellReceived’s HIPAA-compliant appointment medical appointment scheduling applications. They ensure there are no overlaps in booking. Patients can choose a date and time they’re comfortable with—within your availability.

Your receptionists and other staff can focus on priorities, our agents will take care of receiving callers and their messages. You can follow up with them at your convenience.

Benefits of a medical answering service

24/7 Answering Service – Holidays Covered Too

Medical emergencies can happen anytime. WellReceived agents handle calls after-hours, on weekends, and during holidays. You can also customize call scripts to suit your callers’ expectations.

Care begins from the first interaction. Show your patients they matter. Answer every call and provide professional, empathetic service in every interaction. Ensure your patients are well-received even when they’re just a voice. 

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