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Discussing the right time for a loved one to go into care can be emotional and challenging, and those faced with this decision will be looking to your practice for guidance.

Knowing what questions to ask and where to start can be stressful for those contacting your care home. It’s crucial that they receive the best possible service from the very beginning with knowledgeable, responsive, and sympathetic staff members.

As well as new inquiries, existing residents and families will want round-the-clock assistance in the form of updates, scheduled visits, and emergency contact care – But why do care homes need a virtual medical receptionist?

A virtual medical receptionist can offer an efficient service that allows your team to focus on providing excellent care for residents. Here are a few reasons why care homes need a virtual medical receptionist.

Why should care homes use virtual medical receptionists?

medical worker holding a patient's hand

Round-the-clock assistance

Care homes operate 24/7/365 and an after-hours call handling service is crucial for those looking to get in touch on behalf of their loved ones. A virtual medical receptionist makes sure every caller reaches a friendly and knowledgeable voice when you can’t be there. Round-the-clock assistance offers your residents and their loved ones the peace of mind that someone will always be available when they need it.


Every visitor to your care home deserves personal care, and experience is key. A live care coordinator can engage with visitors to get crucial feedback and arrange follow-up visits. Give your potential residents and families a personalized experience to show them they matter.

care home virtual medical receptionist

Scheduling visits

Scheduling visits for loved ones is a crucial part of a receptionist’s role, and it’s important that families have a smooth, efficient experience when booking appointments. A virtual medical receptionist can arrange appointments for you using a dedicated system notifies you of new bookings in real-time. With a virtual medical receptionist in place, be confident that every appointment is saved securely and updated.

Live online chat

Thanks to modern technology, we don’t always have to communicate by phone. A virtual receptionist service can offer live online chat that can be operated by virtual receptionists or your own in-house staff. Potential residents and loved ones can contact you through your website, providing another crucial line of communication at the click of a button.

distributed team of medical receptionists

Distributed teams

A major benefit of virtual medical receptionists are their distributed teams. With care homes being a round-the-clock operation, a team distributed throughout the U.S. won’t leave you vulnerable to staffing issues during illness, bad weather, and recruitment setbacks. Using virtual receptionists can reduce office costs and ensure you remain operational during unforeseen circumstances.

WellReceived is proud to offer HIPAA-compliant specialists to provide an efficient customer-centered approach. Our team can answer your calls and book appointments day and night, leaving your in-house team to focus on providing excellent care for that additional peace of mind.

If you would like to find out how we can help you grow while providing exemplary levels of care, please contact us.

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