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Are you wondering what the call volume is? In telecommunications, “call volume” is the total number of minutes you spend answering calls within a given time period. 

Most answering services and call centers tend to bill their customers on a monthly basis. If an answering service administers their billing cycle differently, then your call volume must be calculated accordingly.

How to determine call volume:

How many calls does your office or business receive on average? Say, within a day? Study your call volume closely and you’ll be able to determine how many minutes you spend every day, week, month and even year. 

Choose a specific time period for observation depending on the nature of your business and customer call traffic. It’s important to record your call minutes over a sufficient period of time. You will always have busy and quiet periods, so it’s important to get a good scope of your overall usage.

Why call volume is important?

Tracking your call volume is good practice. Knowing how much time you spend on the phone to engage callers helps you see patterns and trends that impact your customer service goals. For instance, 6 out of 10 calls to a business go unanswered. If you see such a trend in your phone call records, you will know where the leak is coming from. By identifying and resolving customer call problems, you can extend  your opportunities for growth.

What is call volume

How WellReceived can help you:

At WellReceived medical answering service, we take your patients’ calls 24/7. Our agents are trained to handle your calls with empathy and professionalism. Our plans range from 200 to 1000 call minutes and we process billing by the month. If you’re close to reaching all of your minutes, we send you an email prompt conveying how many minutes you have left.

Customers can monitor their call usage by visiting their Client Web Access tab on our site. For every additional minute, there is a charge which you’ll see under pricing plans before you get on board.

If you need a medical answering service today, visit WellReceived.com

Any questions? Call 800-491-2414 or email us at sales@wellreceived.com

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