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About CWA 

Client Web Access (CWA) portal is an all-in-one tool for all things management. At WellReceived every customer has access to their CWA portal. This is your online dashboard where all of your information is stored ranging from incoming calls, chat, appointments, and emails. You also have access to your invoices and usage details. 

The different tabs 

Stay-up-date with Messages

Let’s begin with the Messages tab. Here you can view all of your messages  including details of the contact information, location, time and date, and call type. Stay-in-the-know by listening to recorded calls at your discretion. 

Keep up with your Contacts

Next we have the Contacts tab, this is where you can view everyone in your contacts list. This tab provides you with data on the frequency of a caller and what the call was about. 

Stay-in-the-know with Reports

The Reports tab is a client favorite. In this section of your CWA, you can view reports on the number of calls, usage history, and average duration of calls. You can also filter your reports by date for insights on your monthly usage. At WellReceived, our plans are flexible and can be scaled up or down depending on your practice needs. 

All about Billing

Moving on to the Billing tab, this is where you can see your monthly usage and billing information. View and track your invoices, transactions, and dues all in one place. Looking to upgrade your plan? No problem, just choose your new plan in the Billing tab and you’re all set. 

We also offer autopay for those who prefer a hands-off billing process. 

Let’s Manage

Lastly, we have our Manage tab. This is the section where clients go to for important phone numbers, staff, integrations, add-ons, referrals, data, and blocked contacts.  Manage staff information and keep track of add-on features such as IVR, CRM, ChatSupport and more. Under referrals you can view and share your unique WellReceived referral code. When a new client signs up with your referral code, you and the referee get $50 off your next billing period. Lastly, the blocked contacts tab helps you filter out spam calls. 

WellReceived’s CWA portal is a fantastic tool to get the most out of your answering service. If you’d like more information on our CWA, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our service team for help at 1.800.800.4449.

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