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Appointments are the foundation of the healthcare industry. The ease with which patients can schedule appointments can make or break your medical practice. Offer an efficient and convenient method of scheduling medical appointments, and your patient satisfaction rates will soar. So, let’s find out the best methods of medical appointment scheduling for your office.

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Automate follow-up reminders

A study by athenahealth shows that patients who miss just one follow-up or check-up appointment were 70% more likely to avoid going back to their primary doctor for the next 18 months. This disrupts the patients continuity of care and increases overall patient attrition rates. Automating appointment reminders for follow-up and and annual check-up appointments drastically cuts down on no-shows. WellReceived can set up appointment reminders via email, SMS message, or a call from our live receptionists.

Integrate scheduling with your calendar system

Thanks to cloud-based technology, the software and apps you use in your medical practice can work together like a well-oiled machine. For example, integrating scheduling with your existing calendar system can keep you and your patients updated in real-time. Patients can set appointments based on available time slots and you can avoid any double-booking. With WellReceived, you can also get instant notifications when our receptionists take a message, so you’re always on top of everything, even when out of the office.

Implement online video medical consultations

The pandemic has shown us that so many services can be provided remotely, including healthcare. Thanks to online video consultations, you can see your patients face-to-face while reducing their risk of exposure. Video medical appointments are especially crucial for patients residing in care homes, living in rural areas, or suffering from health issues that make traveling an obstacle. It’s also an excellent solution for patients with chronic conditions requiring frequent visits, as it cuts down on the costs of and inconvenience of travel. With the 1-click video link provided by WellReceived, you can meet with your patients online knowing safely and securely.

Medical appointments are the bread and butter of healthcare practices, with missed appointments costing physicians an average of $200 per no-show. Setting up automatic appointment reminders, integrating your scheduling app with your calendar, and implementing video appointments will provide patients with a positive experience while improving your bottom line. It’s a win-win.

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