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How does call forwarding work?

Call forwarding is the process of routing your patients’ calls to our virtual medical receptionists. Typically, it only takes pushing a few buttons on your keypad to start forwarding your calls. 

What is call forwarding?

How do I forward my calls?

The standard method of call forwarding is dialing *72 followed by your WellReceived phone number/account number. Your phone provider may have their own preferred method, so it’s worth checking with them.

If we’re forwarding a Google Voice number, then we need to set up a bridge number on our end in order to properly forward calls. 

When should I be forwarding my calls?

There are several types of call forwarding that fit different situations. You may want us to answer all your calls for a set time, after hours for example. Or you may only want us to answer calls when they’re missed by your in-house staff. 

We answer calls with the name of your practice or the name of the doctor, whichever you prefer. Here are the most common scenarios:

  • Standard call forwarding – You forward all calls to our virtual medical receptionists at all times.
  • Busy call forwarding – This allows you to forward calls to our virtual receptionists when your staff is on another call.
  • No-answer call forwarding – Calls are only forwarded to our team if your staff is unable to answer.
  • Scheduled call forwarding – This allows you to forward calls based on a predetermined schedule.
How do i forward my calls?

How is HIPAA compliance maintained throughout the process?

Your calls are forwarded to virtual medical agents trained in HIPAA protocols. Your messages are encrypted, password-protected, and only accessed via a secure login.

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