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As a people-first company, we are honored to donate to America’s ToothFairy through our WeCare initiative. This nonprofit organization increases access to oral health care for underserved children.

Millions of children in America today lack access to a dental care provider. Shockingly, children from low-income families are twice as likely to have untreated tooth decay. This can have a profound impact on their well-being. When kids don’t have healthy smiles, they struggle with eating, sleeping, and concentrating in school. Their oral health issues can contribute to a cycle of poverty, even affecting their self-image and future job opportunities.

The team behind America’s ToothFairy understands the urgent need to address this dental care crisis. Their mission is to increase access to oral health care. Their programs focus on two crucial goals. Firstly, they increase access to dental care. Secondly, they educate families on the importance of oral health to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Since its launch in 2006, America’s ToothFairy has provided over $23 million in resources to support nonprofit dental partners. This has enabled its partners to serve more than 8 million children across the country.

America’s ToothFairy ©️ 2023

Restoring Julia’s Smile

7-year-old Julia had never been to the dentist until she visited one of America’s ToothFairy’s member clinics: Cass County Dental Clinic (CCDC) in Kansas City, Missouri. Julia had rampant decay on 13 of her teeth. Her family, without dental insurance and with an income just above the poverty level, would have struggled to pay for her care out-of-pocket. America’s ToothFairy stepped in as part of its ‘In the Gap’ Program. They issued payment to help cover the cost of treatment, removing the financial burden impeding Julia’s care. While she slept peacefully, Julia’s smile was restored.

America’s ToothFairy ©️ 2023

Education and Prevention

America’s ToothFairy’s mission is furthered through its Prevention and Education Programs. These programs are designed to prevent future tooth decay with awareness initiatives and educational tools. Its Health Education Resources and Outreach Program (HERO) mobilizes and equips volunteers to educate their communities about oral health. Meanwhile, its Smile Drive Program equips volunteers to collect dental hygiene supplies for neighbors in need.

Through our WeCare initiative, WellReceived has donated to help America’s Toothfairy continue to connect children to life-changing dental care. We thank America’s ToothFairy for the opportunity to share their story.

Do you know of a medical nonprofit organization that could benefit from our WeCare donation? Tell us in the comments below!

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