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Two dental care providers pose with a smiling woman

Darlene’s teeth were becoming a problem. High blood pressure and diabetes were accelerating her oral health’s decline, and her 25-year old dentures no longer fit. As a retiree with a small, fixed income; Darlene couldn’t afford the necessary dental work to fix them.

According to a recent article by the Guardian, over 74 million Americans don’t have dental insurance. Millions of people can’t afford to fix dental problems that significantly impact quality of life and can cascade into cardiovascular and other health issues. The elderly, disabled, and medically fragile are the hardest hit.

Dental Lifeline Network (or DLN) is a charitable organization whose mission is to connect uninsured, vulnerable people like Darlene to critical dental care. With over 14,000 volunteer dentists and 3,500 lab partners across the United States, Dental Lifeline Network has helped patients receive over $517 million in donated care so far.

DLN connected Darlene with three volunteer providers: Dr. Dalin Snow, John Henry & Crane Dental Arts, and Bertram Dental Labs. Together, they restored seven of her decaying teeth and fitted her with a new set of dentures. “The whole office was wonderful and treated me like every other paying patient. They were very, very nice!” said Darlene.

Through our We Care initiative, WellReceived has donated $3,000 to help DLN continue to connect people like Darlene to life-changing dental care. We thank Dental Lifeline Network or the opportunity and encourage our readers to find out how you too can give.

Do you know of a medical nonprofit organization that could benefit from our We Care donation? Tell us in the comments!

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