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For 65+ years, Project HOPE has been at the forefront of global health, improving countless lives and bringing positive change to communities worldwide. WellReceived is honored to team up with this esteemed non-profit, for a powerful impact on global health.

A shared commitment to health and wellbeing

Project HOPE’s dedication to global well-being is inspiring. With the support from our customers, WellReceived is donating to fund Project HOPE’s impactful work through our WeCare initiative. 

Empowering health workers worldwide

For decades, Project HOPE has been a beacon of light in global healthcare. Their work has helped address pressing health crises and strengthen access to healthcare worldwide. Their approach focuses on empowering local health systems to save lives and ensure lasting change.

James Buck © 2023

We share Project HOPE’s values of empowerment and sustainability. We’ve witnessed the transformative power of providing resources to those in need. Through our WeCare Initiative, we have partnered with non-profits across the US to strengthen access to healthcare. By supporting Project HOPE, we can touch even more lives.

Project HOPE’s vision and mission.

Project HOPE has improved health and well-being in 100+ countries. Their success is rooted in their ability to understand local health systems’ unique needs and forge strategic partnerships that drive long-lasting transformation.

James Buck © 2023

Like Project HOPE, we believe that health workers are the cornerstone of robust health systems. Their dedication to empowering these individuals with tools and training resonates deeply with us.

In times of crisis, Project HOPE’s swift, reliable response can be lifesaving. Their commitment to working with local partners to address urgent needs during emergencies is commendable.

Through policy and advocacy, Project HOPE shapes global health policies, advocating for equitable access to healthcare across cultures, communities, and belief systems. Everyone deserves equal access to healthcare.

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Join us in making a difference.

By choosing WellReceived, you can support Project HOPE’s vital work. Join us in empowering communities and ensuring everyone can access quality healthcare. Together, let’s celebrate the milestones we achieve and learn about the lives touched through your support.

Stay informed and get involved.

We invite you to stay updated as the journey progresses by following our website and social media. Learn about the impact of your support, meet the dedicated volunteers making a difference on the ground, and discover a lasting legacy of health and happiness.

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