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Even in this digital age of advanced technology and booking systems, the telephone remains the primary point of contact for new and existing customers. How your receptionists answer the phone can have a major impact on your practice. First impressions count. So does consistency, empathy, and professionalism—on every call.

In the healthcare industry, your patients’ initial experience with a receptionist can be the difference between a new patient or a lot opportunity.

Receptionists handling your medical practice’s calls should be properly trained to give each caller the highest levels of care and respect they deserve – But how should a receptionist answer the phone? We’ve put together a list of tips from our own expert medical receptionists:

The best way to answer the phone as a receptionist

female medical receptionist answering the phone

Company greeting

Callers want to know they’ve reached the right location. Having a standardized but natural company greeting will make your patients feel at ease on the first step of their journey.

Example: “Good afternoon! Thank you for calling Dr. Smith’s office. You’re speaking with James. How may I help you today?”

Tone of voice and clarity

A medical receptionist should always be aware of their tone, ensuring professionalism and consistency throughout the call. A caring, empathetic voice establishes human connection with your patients from the very beginning.

Your medical receptionists should also speak slowly and clearly to avoid repeating themselves.

Doctor attending to patients virtually

Listening to your patients

One of the most important steps when speaking with a patient is listening. Good listeners can effectively manage a call when they understand the needs of a caller, leaving patients feeling heard and confident they’re in good hands.

Compassionate care and understanding

For any medical receptionist, compassion should be a priority. Your patients deserve to be shown care when they’re feeling vulnerable or confused. Since the first point of contact is typically with a receptionist, it’s important that the initial stages reflect what your business is all about – care at the highest level.

WellReceived can help you to make that exemplary first impression, 24/7/365. By creating custom call flows, our virtual medical receptionists can handle your calls at any time of day with the care and skill needed to keep you delivering the highest levels of service to your patients.

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