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Appointment setting

Callers arrange to see you via our appointment scheduling service.

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Real interactions, real connections.

  • 80% of callers hang up when they do not reach a live person.
  • 51% of callers call to schedule an appointment / make a reservation.

Use WellReceived with all your favorite apps

Your answering service should fit your work flow. Seamlessly integrate WellReceived
with your favorite CRM, online calendar, chat app, and more.

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    Do I need to commit to a contract?

    Nope! Cancel your services at any time. You won't be billed again once your current month is up.

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    What if my plan has too few or too many minutes?

    Scale up or scale down any time! If you find you're using too many or too few minutes, simply let us know.

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    How can I check my usage?

    Check how many minutes you've used on your dashboard or our app, available for Android and iOS.

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    What happens if I go over my minutes?

    We'll send you an email if you're getting close to going over your minutes for the month.

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    Can I keep my current phone number?

    Yes! Forwarding your calls to us is as simple as pushing one or two buttons on your phone pad.

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