Ensure your patients can reach you during the Covid-19 crisis.

Your live 24/7 medical receptionists give every patient the
care they deserve.

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To enable our healthcare frontline to continue focusing on people in need, we will handle your communications, so that you can focus on your patients.

Free your in-house practitioners to attend to their current patients and we'll cover your phone lines, schedule appointments, answer webchats and more.

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Your live online medical receptionists are based around the US and work from their home offices. This means WELLReceived can offer a much more resilient and adaptable service than a fixed location call center.

Spend more time with your patients while we follow your custom call flow guidelines - covering you after hours, during weekends or around-the-clock.

Here for you, 24/7

WELLReceived can partner with you to help reduce in-person exposure. Your team can limit their in-office hours or stay at home entirely, but your patients will always hear a professional, compassionate voice from your live medical receptionists. Rest assured, your client calls will be handled according to your specific instructions.

We've increased our capacity to help you keep lines of communication open for your patients. The WELLReceived app allows you to connect with your team, our team and your patients - all from one place.

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Lifelong learning is a WELLReceived core value. Get inspired by these staff picks.

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