What Is A Virtual Medical Receptionist?

The term ‘Virtual Receptionist’ sounds fancy and high-tech, but at WELLReceived, our virtual receptionists are real people making real connections. As a remote organization, we often come across the question, “what is a virtual receptionist?” fairly often. Yet, the answer is simple – a virtual receptionist is a receptionist who works remotely! 

If someone calls your office and you’re unable to answer the phone, the call will automatically route to your dedicated virtual receptionist. Then, the receptionist will either take a message, schedule an appointment, or route to the call to someone at the practice who can better assist. 

virtual assistant using a tablet for work

Who Needs A Virtual Receptionist?

82% of callers prefer a person answering their call. Ditch the voicemail and say hello to a friendly and compassionate virtual medical receptionist. 

A virtual receptionist is for anyone who has their own practice and needs assistance in call handling, appointment scheduling, and lead qualification. Running a practice by yourself is hard enough, but with help with a virtual assistant, you can increase efficiency by focusing on your patients while we handle your calls.  


The Power of a Virtual Office 

WELLReceived is a people-powered service to help support your medical practice. We offer 24/7 live call handling service during peak times and after hours! All of our receptionists are HIPAA compliant and understand basic medical terminology to best serve your patients. 

We do more than just answer calls. We offer chat support, Teleport video appointments for practices that prefer telemedicine and Setmore appointment scheduling. We combine technology with live virtual receptionists to ensure your patients feel WELLReceived!  

virtual receptionist wearing headset and working on laptop

Care Begins The Moment The Phone Rings 

First impressions are everything. According to the AMA’s article, 8 Keys To Succeeding As A Physician In Private Practice, every minute counts and physicians need to learn how to overcome common private practice hassles. These concerns can be alleviated by a virtual receptionist.  

A virtual care coordinator makes it easy for patients to get in touch with your practice at any time, on any day of the year. With WELLReceived’s professional agents, you can relax at the end of every day, knowing that your patients have access to compassionate receptionist support 24/7. 

Go Green – Positive Environmental Impact 

Virtual receptionists work from the comfort of their home office. Not only are they staying safe at home, but the elimination of  commute time leaves a positive environmental impact by reducing their carbon footprint each and every work day. 

What can a virtual office do for your practice?

If you’re constantly finding yourself trying to do it all, take a deep breath in and save yourself the hassle by hiring a virtual receptionist today.



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