Outsourcing Your Medical Answering Service

Outsourcing your medical answering service may sound expensive. But in reality, the price is just a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house receptionist for 9 hours a day. For a cost effective price, WELLReceived gives your callers an answer even outside of office hours.

With your phone calls covered 24/7, your receptionists can dedicate their time for other priorities that need their attention.

How WELLReceived 24/7 Medical Answering Service charges:

At WELLReceived, your plan is defined by your call volume. Find out what call volume means here.

We offer plans starting from 200 minutes all the way to 1000 minutes. We send emails letting you know that your plan is 80% used up, and again when you reach 100%. WELL ensures that you stay informed of crucial billing and payment developments throughout the process. 

All you need to do is take care of core healthcare matters without worrying about missed patient calls.

Features included in WELLReceived medical answering service plans:

Free Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

You get an optional IVR service up to double the minutes of your plan. For instance, if your plan is for 300 minutes a month, you get 600 minutes of IVR for no extra charges. The service is optional. IVR often filters spam/bot calls from reaching our agents. It also advises callers to dial 911 in case it’s an emergency.

Free Appointment setting

Avoid double bookings with an in-house appointment booking software. It facilitates easy record keeping and efficient follow up with customers. However, the appointment setting service is entirely optional due to stringent HIPAA compliance laws.

Free Set up

Getting on board with WELLReceived is simple and free. There are no charges associated with signing up and installing the answering service inbound portal. WELL’s agent will assist you throughout the process, attending to all your questions.

Interested in our services? Take a detailed look into the plans here. Find the right plan for your clinic/practice.

Alternatively you can call 1.800.491.2414 or email WELL at sales@wellreceived.com.

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